Ford Used & Second Hand Car Dealer Melbourne South, East, West

As a Ford used car dealer in Melbourne South, East, and West, Moorabbin Car Sales sells quality used second hand Falcon, XR6, BF, FG, XT and other models of Ford used cars. We sell Ford small cars, medium cars & wagons at great prices.


Our dealer stock is constantly changing as we get new cars in all the time. All our Ford used cars are hand picked, serviced and tested and come with RWC.


Why buy used car from a dealer?

  • Statutory warranty
  • No money owing on the car
  • Original Kms, and service history
  • You can trade in your old car
  • Optional Extended Warranty


Ford Falcon, BF, FG, XT, Ford XR6 used cars





Ford Falcon used sedan and wagon cars have been manufactured by Ford Motor Company of Australia since year 1960.


From XA series of year 1972 onward, every range of Ford Falcon sedan and wagon used cars has been developed, built, and designed in Australia, following the phasing out of American-influenced Ford Falcon of 1960-1971, which was re-engineered locally as G6 to XT series since 1965. In 1973 and 1965, Ford LTD and Fairlane, the luxury long-wheelbase derivative versions arrived in Melbourne.