Mitsubishi Used & Second Hand Car Dealer in Moorabbin, Melbourne Victoria

As a Mitsubishi used car dealer in Melbourne, Moorabbin Car Sales sells quality used second hand Mitsubishi, Lancer, Colt, VR, ES and other models of Mitsubishi used cars. We sell Mitsubishi small cars, medium cars at great prices.


Our dealer stock is constantly changing as we get new cars in all the time. All our Mitsubishi used cars are hand picked, serviced and tested and come with RWC.


Why buy used car from a dealer?

  • Statutory warranty
  • No money owing on the car
  • Original Kms, and service history
  • You can trade in your old car
  • Optional Extended Warranty


Mitsubishi Lancer, Colt, VR, ES used cars



For over 2 decades, used Mitsubishi Lancer  VR and VR-X models has been one of the favorite small cars of Australia. The reason behind it is that the combination of style and technology as well as motorsport heritage is incredible and offers great value for money.

Mitsubishi is also packed with the next-generation features to improve your driving experience to put fun and enjoyment back into driving while keeping drivers in control similar to Mitsubishi Colt model.