Quality Subaru Forester Used Cars for sale in Melbourne

A used Subaru Forester for sale has gained prominence in Australia with cars including Forester and Impreza WRX and BRZ, which is the only rear-wheel-drive that earned the company a reputation for performance and reliability and price. Currently, Subaru Forester sells 5 models in Melbourne, Australia such as Tribeca, Outback, Liberty, and considered as the 8th best-selling brand.


Subaru built its very first car in year 1954 and it was called Subaru 1500. As a major supplier of aircraft to Japanese air force during World War II, this Japanese company is best renowned for its emphasis on the All-Wheel-Drive technology, which makes them unique from some Japanese manufacturers.


One of the Subaru wagon cars for sale is the Subaru Outback. Designed with North American market in mind, it offers numerous SUV traits without drawbacks. Based on the midsize Legacy sedan of Subaru, Outback comes with the standard all-wheel drive, special exterior and interior styling details, and a raised suspension for a much better ground clearance.


When it comes to used Subaru Forester used cars in Melbourne, the Subaru Impreza really impressed every consumer as it comes with a hatchback and sedan body styles and prices. It also features the standard all-wheel drive technology, a 5-speed manual transmission, 2.0L 4-cylinder engine, while a variable transmission is available. There are also 5 trims, which range from the base 2.0i to top 2.0i Sport Limited.


There are other Subaru Forester sedan and wagon cars you can check. If you are planning to buy a Subaru car model, shopping around online is always a good idea as this can offer you many benefits.