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warranty and service options

At Moorabbin Car Sales, we prioritise your peace of mind when purchasing a used car. That's why we offer comprehensive warranty coverage and reliable servicing options to ensure that you enjoy a worry-free ownership experience.

Warranty Coverage

Every car sold by Moorabbin Car Sales comes with complimentary warranty coverage, providing you with added protection and confidence in your purchase. Here's what our warranty entails:

  • Complimentary Warranty: All vehicles sold by us include a complimentary warranty. Selected cars are covered for up to one year, while all cars receive a complimentary three-month warranty. This coverage is designed to address any unexpected repairs that may arise during the specified period.

  • Repairs: In the event that your vehicle requires repairs, they will be covered by the warranty, Our warranty aims to ease your concerns and provide a hassle-free experience should any issues occur.

  • Extended Warranty: For additional peace of mind, we offer the option to purchase extended warranty packages for up to three years. These packages provide extended coverage beyond the complimentary warranty period, ensuring that you can continue to enjoy your vehicle with added protection.

Please note that specific terms and conditions apply to our warranty coverage, and it is always recommended to review the warranty details provided at the time of purchase.

Trusted Servicing

At Moorabbin Car Sales, we understand the importance of regular vehicle maintenance and servicing. To assist our customers in maintaining their vehicles in optimal condition, we have partnered with trusted and skilled mechanics. Here's what our servicing offers:

  • Convenience: When you purchase a car from us, you gain access to our convenient servicing option. Simply bring your vehicle back to us, and we will arrange transportation to our trusted mechanic, saving you time and effort.

  • Expertise: Our skilled mechanic has extensive experience working with a wide range of vehicles. You can trust that your car will receive top-notch service, ensuring its longevity and performance.

  • Value: While our servicing is not free, we are committed to providing our customers with competitive pricing. Our rates are designed to offer you good value for your money, offering a cost-effective alternative to other mechanics.

  • Maintenance Services: Our servicing includes a range of maintenance services, such as oil changes, tire rotations, fluid checks, and other routine inspections. Keeping up with regular maintenance helps prevent potential issues and ensures your vehicle's reliability.

Please contact our team for more information on warranty coverage and servicing options. We are dedicated to providing you with a transparent and dependable experience, ensuring that you enjoy your used car with confidence.

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